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Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes, Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile®, And Behavior Index

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It’s races like the Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes (G2), which was raced Saturday at Churchill Downs, that shows my brother, Dallas, and I, that the adjustments we are making to the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® are on target, and we are excited about the progress made since the debut of the software in the 2015 Kentucky Derby.
Congratulations to all who may have used my Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes (G2) selections as a two dollar wager on the any of the exotics netted them the Exacta ($37.80), Trifecta ($320.20) and Superfecta ($1,474) if you used Gun Runner who was my top honorable mention.
This year’s Belmont Stakes (G1) also provided a nice payoff to blog readers that used my picks, netting them the Exacta ($13.60), Trifecta ($109.50) and Superfecta ($570.00).
Our software picks for the Kentucky Derby (G1) were also very good, and, you can read about those results here. The Preakness results were even better and you can read about that here. In addition, the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® software was also instrumental in picking the top performers in the major prep races leading up to Kentucky Derby 141. You can read about those results here.
The latest development that Dallas and I have made to the software is the addition of a Behavior Index and it’s already showing tremendous results. Horse behavior is the final piece of the breeding puzzle and it has always been an important part of my analysis of the Thoroughbred. A good mind, the ability of a horse to focus during the heat of a race is so important.
Followers of my blog know that the study of Equine behavior was also important to the late Federico Tesio, a world-renowned owner, breeder and trainer of Thoroughbred racehorses. The right behavior is what Tesio looked for in the horses he bred or inspected at auction, and, during his lifetime, Tesio bred an incredible 21 Italiano Derby winners.
Horse behavior was also important to Franco Varola, a contemporary of Tesio and an equally-renowned writer, author and developer of the Dosage theory. Varola’s Dosage system (not the one commonly used today) consisted of five “aptitudinal” groups, and he was most interested in the behavioral traits and characteristics that each sire transmitted to his offspring.
In Typology of the Racehorse (JA Allen, 1974), Varola noted: “The differences between the five aptitudinal groups are of essence or character. It matters very little whether a racehorse is 16 hands or 16.2, or whether it is chestnut or brown; but it does matter a lot the way he behaves in actual racing, whether he is consistent or erratic, brilliant or slow, bellicose or resigned, in other words which pattern or mode of being is he expressing...It is of great utility to be able to distinguish between these various aptitudes, this being something that plays an effective part in mating.”
My own study, as well as my study of Tesio and Varola, laid the groundwork for my understanding about the importance of horse behavior. So, it was an easy decision to collaborate on a book about horse behavior with Thomas Herding Technique founder Kerry Thomas when he asked me to help him write about his Equine studies. The book we co-authored, Horse Profiling: The Secret to Motivating Equine Athletes, was published by Trafalgar Square Books in April of 2012. In the book, we note that good horse behavior or Emotional Conformation is vitally important and it’s the final piece of the breeding puzzle necessary to produce equine champions.
That phrase “Emotional Conformation” was coined by my friend  Larry Knepper (@LDknepper and @EmotionalEquine) who, at the time, was the business manager for Kerry Thomas and it was used to describe the type of work Thomas did in analyzing horse behavior.
With the addition of the Behavior Index to the software, Dallas and I are now able to add behavioral analysis to the final equation of what it takes to produce a Classic Champion Thoroughbred or top quality graded stakes competitor.
Like an intricate puzzle, the pedigree contains many secrets of what champions are made of and everything one needs to know about the horse, from the physical conformational characteristics to the emotional and behavioral traits, can be found in the pedigree of the horse if one knows the families, Ancestral Herd that formed the foal.
For the first time in the history of the Thoroughbred, the empirical evidence gathered through the robust power of the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® software shows that the pedigree is the only true standard, indicator of horse performance, especially of their classic potential.
In addition to being an exceptional handicapping tool and predictor of classic races like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont, Dallas and I are confident that the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® software will prove to be a valuable tool for horse owners and breeders helping them to take the guesswork out of purchasing and breeding their horses.
Some unique features of the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile®:

  • It unlocks the secret of the Ancestral Herd influence.

  • Is a valuable handicapping tool that shows in the profile score which horses have the potential to be top-quality stakes winners or a classic winner of races like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont.

  • Is a valuable breeding analytical tool that shows horse owners and breeders how a mare can upgrade or downgrade a stallion she is bred to through the profile score of the foal from that mating.

  • Shows if the foal has the potential to be a quality stakes horse or classic champion.

  • Shows horse owners how their entire bloodstock can be upgraded by using the profile score to help them make the best breeding decisions resulting in less overbreeding and fewer potential equine welfare issues.

  • Is a valuable Thoroughbred sales analytical tool that shows buyers how to make the best decisions and investments when buying horses at auction.

  • Shows which horses purchased at auction may have the potential to be a top-quality stakes winner while a select few will have a profile score that indicates they could be a winner of a classic race like the Kentucky Derby.

If you are planning to breed, or purchase at auction, a potential classic-winning Thoroughbred, the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® is the analytical tool you need to take the guesswork out of buying and breeding champion racehorses.
The empirical data of the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® will easily show you which horses have the potential to be classic champions while other horses may only be quality stakes winners.
The profile will give you the important information necessary to make the best decisions and investments when breeding or buying horses at auction.
For a free consultation, please contact us at my website Classic Champion Thoroughbreds, LLC or give us a call at (502) 296-6076.

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