Thursday, July 30, 2015

Classic Champion Thoroughbreds, LLC Launches Website

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Since American Pharoah raced to Triple Crown glory in the Belmont Stakes, my brother, Dallas, and I have been working on rebuilding the website for my bloodstock consulting firm, Classic Champion Thoroughbreds, LLC.
To view my website, please click here.
Dallas has done an outstanding job on the website and I am especially proud of the work he did earlier this year in developing our Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile software which was debuted in my 2015 Kentucky Derby blog.
Triple Crown winner American Pharoah was correctly identified by our software as one of six horses with the potential to win the 2015 Kentucky Derby. The software also accurately predicted that seventy percent (70%) of the horses entered in the race had no chance of winning.
Our data numbers indicate that for the first time in the 325-year (approximate) history of the Thoroughbred, the empirical evidence gathered through the robust analytical power of the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile software shows that the pedigree is the only true standard and indicator of a horse’s performance, especially of their classic potential.
Like an intricate puzzle, the pedigree contains many secrets of what champions are made of and everything one needs to know about the horse, from the physical conformational characteristics to the emotional and behavioral traits, can be found in the pedigree if one knows the families, Ancestral Herd that formed the foal.
To name a few benefits of the software, the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile:

● Unlocks the secret of the Ancestral Herd influence.

● Is a valuable handicapping tool that shows in the profile score which horses have the potential to be top-quality stakes winners or a classic winner of races like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont.

● Is a valuable breeding analytical tool that shows horse owners and breeders how a mare can upgrade or downgrade a stallion she is bred to through the profile score of the foal from that mating.

● Shows if the foal has the potential to be a quality stakes horse or classic champion.

● Shows horse owners how their entire bloodstock can be upgraded by using the profile score to help them make the best breeding decisions resulting in less overbreeding and fewer potential equine welfare issues.

● Is a valuable Thoroughbred sales analytical tool that shows buyers how to make the best decisions and investments when buying horses at auction.