Monday, April 2, 2018

Florida Derby Wrap Up: Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® Shows Prowess As Breeding, Sales, Racing Analytical Tool

Consistently Beats Brisnet Prime Power As Handicapping Tool

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The Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® software continues to show its prowess as a powerful breeding, sales, racing and handicapping analytical tool that produces positive results and equine champions.
Blog followers that made a two dollar wager on the exotics with my Florida Derby (G1) picks and honorable mention, Hofburg, could have potentially cashed in for a total of $823.20 with the exacta paying $50.80, the trifecta paid $309.40 and the superfecta paid $463.00.
Here’s a look at the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® ranking and finish of the horses entered in the Florida Derby (G1):

In the first chart, Hofburg is ranked first with an A+ Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® and he finished second. Mississippi is ranked second with an A+ profile and he finished third. Catholic Boy is ranked fifth with C profile and he finished fourth. Audible is ranked ninth with a low G profile and he finished first.
In addition to the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile®, which is a measurement of the breeding influences found in the five-generation pedigree, we also have developed a Behavior Index which allows us to move horses up or down in ranking.
In the second chart, the Behavior Index of Catholic Boy and Promises Fulfilled potentially moved them into the top four while the Behavior Index of Tip Sheet and Strike Power moved them down in ranking.
Hofburg was the unknown factor in this race. His breeding was best of all, but his Behavior Index potentially ranked him out of the top four. However, in my blog, I wrote: “Hofburg has the breeding to be competitive and if he lives up to his breeding, he could be a factor in the exotics.” And, that is why I made him an honorable mention.


In 2015, my brother Dallas and I debuted the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® software and have proven that it is a valuable racing, handicapping tool.
Since then, we have also proven that the profile is a valuable breeding and sales analytical tool. In 2016, Classic Champion Thoroughbreds, LLC profiled 101 yearlings at the Keeneland September sale ( and we now have, from the sales list, nine colts that are stakes winners or stakes placed.
Graded stakes winners from our 2016 sales list are: Eclipse Champion Two Year Old Male Good Magic (Hip 845), Free Drop Billy (Hip 104) and Archaggelos (Hip 2138).
Graded stakes-placed colts include: Solomini (Hip 662), Vino Rosso (Hip 528) and Hollywood Star (Hip 395).
Stakes-placed colts from our sales list are: Wentz (Hip 1029), Stronger (Hip 4154) and Tigerbeach (Hip 2001).
The ability to know the potential of a horse before he goes to the breeding shed, sales ring and racetrack is of utmost importance.
The Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile®, which is the indicator of that horse’s potential, is a measurement of the breeding influences found in the five generation pedigree. The profile assigns each horse a numerical score and grade ranking. The higher the score, the more potential that horse has to become a quality stakes horse or classic champion.
The empirical data gathered by the robust power of the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® software easily shows which horses have the potential to be quality stakes winners or classic champions. And we call tell prospective breeders the potential of the foal before it is even born.
The ability of the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® to zero in on horses that have the best potential in breeding, sales and racing, and the results from our 2016 Keeneland September Yearling Sales analysis and Southwest Stakes, are just a couple of many examples since the debut of our software.
From foal to finish line™ the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® is the analytical tool you need for breeding, purchasing at auction and racing equine champions:
The 2018 sales are just around the corner. For a free initial consultation, please contact us at our website or at our toll-free number: (844) 346-2223.


  1. Sir; Could you post the charts above (profile index etc.) before the race easier to visualize positions?...Thanks Bob

    1. Nick,

      Thank you for following my blog. It takes a while to put that together and if I have time I'll include that in the blog write up. If not, I will definitely have that for the Kentucky Derby.