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Holy Bull, Withers Stakes Wrapup: Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® Tabs Holy Bull Exacta, Trifecta, Sweeps Wither Stakes Exotics

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The results of the Holy Bull and Withers stakes this past weekend continue to show that the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® software is a powerful handicapping tool.
Congratulations to all who may have used my selections in the Holy Bull Stakes (G2) as a $2 wager potentially netted $36.00 for the exacta and $65.00 for the trifecta. Readers who used my picks for the Withers Stakes (G3) could have potentially earned on a $2 wager $37.00 for the exacta, $163.50 for the trifecta and $751.00 for the superfecta.
Here’s a look at how the horses finished in the Holy Bull Stakes (23) and their Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® Behavior Index ranking:

Rank                     Race Finish         
1. Irish War Cry     1
2. Classic Empire   3
3. Gunnevera         2
4. Talk Logistics     4
5. Shamsaan          7
6. Perro Rojo          6
7. Cavil                 5

Here’s a look at the profile ranking and finish of horses in the Withers Stakes (G3).

Rank                              Race Finish
1. J Boys Echo                3
2. El Areeb                      1
3. Bonus Points               4
4. True Timber                2
5. Fillet of Sole                7
6. Apartfromthecrowd      5
7. Always a Suspect         9
8. Square Shooter            6
9. Small Bear                  8
10. Jaime’s Angel            10

Our research, which is documented in my numerous blogs and on my website, shows that a majority of horses run close to their Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® score which is a measurement of the breeding influences found in the five-generation pedigree.
When horses like Holy Bull favorite Classic Empire fail to run close to their profile score, then the issue[s] preventing them from reaching their full potential needs to be investigated. And there can be many contributing factors for a horse not running to his profile – Effinex is a good example of that.
How a horse is handled can prevent him from performing his best. A trainer or jockey can also upgrade or downgrade the performance of a racehorse. A physical issue or impairment can also be a big problem preventing a horse from running to his full potential.
Uncomfortable equipment can cause discomfort for a horse and it can also be an issue preventing him from running his best race. Or, maybe a horse will run his best in minor stakes races or in sprints instead of graded stakes and route races.
In addition to being an exceptional handicapping tool the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® software is also a proven analytical tool for picking top horses at auction. To see the results of the 2016 Keeneland September Yearling Sale, please click here.
Also, American Dubai trainer Rodney Richards has joined our team scouting horses at auction and his keen eye can help you select the best horses with the highest profile score (See his top picks at the Fasig-Tipton Fall Yearlings October Sale).
Some unique features of the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® are:

  • It unlocks the secret of the Ancestral Herd influence.

  • Is a valuable handicapping tool that shows in the profile score which horses have the potential to be top-quality stakes winners or a classic winner of races like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont.

  • Is a valuable breeding analytical tool that shows horse owners and breeders how a mare can upgrade or downgrade a stallion she is bred to through the profile score of the foal from that mating.

  • Shows if the foal has the potential to be a quality stakes horse or classic champion.

  • Shows horse owners how their entire bloodstock can be upgraded by using the profile score to help them make the best breeding decisions resulting in less overbreeding and fewer potential equine welfare issues.

  • Is a valuable Thoroughbred sales analytical tool that shows buyers how to make the best decisions and investments when buying horses at auction.

  • Shows which horses purchased at auction may have the potential to be a top-quality stakes winner while a select few will have a profile score that indicates they could be a winner of a classic race like the Kentucky Derby.

If you are planning to breed, or purchase at auction, a potential classic-winning Thoroughbred, the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® is the analytical tool you need to take the guesswork out of buying and breeding champion racehorses.
The profile will give you the important information necessary to make the best decisions and investments when breeding or buying horses at auction. For a free consultation, please contact us at my website Classic Champion Thoroughbreds, LLC.

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