Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Book Update: Horse Profiling, The Secret To Motivating Equine Athletes

Publication of the book that Kerry Thomas and I wrote: Horse Profiling, The Secret To Motivating Equine Athletes is moving right along and we are still waiting on word from Trafalgar Square Books when it will be on book shelves. But, in the meantime, this past weekend we both received from the publisher an advance copy of the book.

It looks great! and we’d like to give a special thanks to Lauryl Eddlemon for designing the book and Senior Editor and Graphic Designer Rebecca Didier who designed the cover and edited the book. Their layout, design and editing all came together in a fantastic, appealing book and I'm looking forward to its release date.

In addition, Kerry and I would once more like to thank HRH Princess Alia al Hussein of the Princess Alia Foundation, US Equestrian Federation Senior Judge, trainer and coach, Thomas Poulin, US Eventing Association Hall-of-Fame inductee Denny Emerson and renowned sport horse trainer Lester Buckley for their glowing tribute and contribution to the book.

Trafalgar Square Books recently ran a nice story on their blog profiling EQUUS Magazine which is publishing an excerpt from our book in the April issue. The feature story – The Power Of The Herd – was given a lot of exposure and very nicely laid out in the magazine.

Excerpted from chapter seven of the book – Discovering The Communicated Equine – the EQUUS Magazine feature presents a powerful illustration of herd dynamics and the communication chain-of-command that Kerry witnessed on one of his trips out west to study the wild Mustang as well as profiles of two horses with high herd dynamics – Hat Trick and Zenyatta.

For a sneak peek from chapter five of the book, please click this link:

The book is available for preorder now at the Trafalgar Square Books online bookstore, where shipping in the US is always FREE. BLOG BONUS!!! Get 15% off your order at the TSB online bookstore by entering the coupon code TSBBLOG15 at checkout!!


  1. Hi Calvin, I pre-ordered the book from Trafalgar after reading your brief preview, and can't wait to read the entire work. In speaking with the Trafalgar representative, she advised me that the book would be out prior to the Kentucky Derby (this year). All the Best for you and Kerry with your endeavor!

  2. Anonymous,

    Thank you for ordering the book and the best wishes - Kerry and I appreciate it very much and thank you for following the blog.