Friday, August 5, 2016

Classic Champion Thoroughbreds Reaches Milestone 200,000 Views

©2016 Calvin L. Carter. All rights reserved.

Since I started Classic Champion Thoroughbreds blog in June of 2009, I’m grateful for the reception it has received from people all over the word and, recently, my blog reached a milestone 200,000 page views.
When I created Classic Champion Thoroughbreds I had no idea if anyone would ever read a word I wrote. But, horses and horseracing are my passion and I had a lot to write about those subjects.
 And, I still have much to write about – especially about horses and the influence of the Ancestral Herd and the Classic Champion Thoroughbred Profile® which is a powerful software analytical tool that I use to determine the stakes and classic potential of young Thoroughbreds.
Considering that my blog is only advertised by word of mouth and from faithful readers and bloggers who often link to my stories, I’m thankful for everyone who follows my blog and your support in sharing with others what I’ve previously written.
Thanks to all who read my blog and contribute comments. I appreciate all of your insights, comments and look forward to reading your commentary in the future.