Monday, August 24, 2009

Thomas Herding Technique, Caballo Press, Sign Book Deal

Thomas Herding Technique founder Kerry Thomas and Caballo Press, an Ann Arbor, MI., award-winning independent publisher specializing in books related to Thoroughbred horse racing, have signed a book deal to publish Thomas’ innovative research focusing on the equine athlete.

Tentatively titled A View Form the Hoof: The Thomas Herding Technique, Volume One, the book is scheduled for release in the coming year. The book will include Thomas’ position essays and a number of his research articles that have brought him national and international recognition, as well as an interview with Thomas in which he expands on his theories pertaining to the equine athlete; the mental capacity of the equine controls the physical output of the athlete.

Thomas, an expert in equine behavior who helps horse owners provide better care for their horses, unveiled his unique research in 2006. Since then his theories have been hailed by industry insiders and Kerry has been filmed with Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert and Kentucky Derby winning trainer John Shirreffs. The Thomas Herding Technique (THT) is seen by many as revolutionary and timely.

Commenting on the project Caballo Press publisher and CEO Rudolph Valier Alvarado stated that, Kerry Thomas’ research is intriguing and of value for anyone who is searching for a new approach to understanding, training and communicating with the equine athlete. Caballo Press is committed to publishing books with a unique perspective, or subject; Thomas’ book certainly meets the criteria.

A natural investigator, inspired by his love and admiration for wild horses, Thomas made his first trip to Wyoming and Montana in the late 80’s to study the wild Mustang in its natural habitat. Thomas focuses on the natural behavioral dynamics of both the prey and the predator, knowing that any real hope of dissecting the social and individual equine behavioral patterns lay within the cause and effect of the environmental stimuli.

Years of independent studies of America’s Wild Mustang has slowly developed into a focus centered on the psychology of the equine as nature intended. This led to the cornerstone of THT’s core belief, which, as Thomas explains, is to advance the natural herd dynamic into the artificial world.

Working closely with Dr. Brett Dolente, THT’s Chief Medical Advisor, who was formerly with University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center, Thomas has been able to blend equine behavioral research and psychology with the physical, clinical horse in order to develop concrete theories that include methods to implement them. One of those methods is a highly specialized emotional soundness grading system called EthoGrade. THT uses this system to assess herd hierarchy of wild horses and the emotional soundness and behaviorial and training potentials of domesticated horses in all stages of training and life.

Not only is EthoGrade a unique behavioral insight tool it is also a pioneering effort into equine behavior.

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